Letter March

One linocut letter a day in March
This is an experiment in carving one linocut letter per day in an attempt to complete an entire alphabet by March 31st. Chosen typeface: Champion Gothic by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Lightweight was chosen based on a deep rooted affection with its ampersand.

Aymie Spitzer is a graphic designer located in Brooklyn, New York.
  • August 23, 2011 9:55 am

    They’re Alive!

    I’ve finally printed the completed set of blocks. Dan from The Arm graciously assisted me in setting up and printing. The experience overall was absolutely amazing and I’d highly recommend taking a class at The Arm because they are super nerds about everything from printing to making actual lead type at their type foundry. On top of that, they are solid dudes!

    So, I have a few prints for sale if anyone is interested. This project truly was a journey in learning and collaboration, which are two of my favorite things. Many friends have helped me along in this process and it’s opened up a few opportunities that I would not have found if I had never done this. I encourage everyone to take up a project that challenges you! Make a font! Make a wooden canoe! Make something and share it with the world. It’s an awesome feeling to figure it all out on the way. You just gotta dissolve that fear and jump in. Thanks so much for following along with me. See ya’ll soon! 

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