Pangram contest!

After completing all letters, my idea was to print a specimen poster. That’s an obvious conclusion to a project like this and I still plan to print them. However, the ever awesome Skylar presented an even more marvelous idea; print fun and wacky pangrams! Further into discussion, we decided it would interesting to open the research to all of you as well! While there are silly pangrams in existence, I’d love to see what we can all come up with. To make this worth your while, the most supreme pangram author will receive the exclusive first print. Now remember, there are only 26 characters in this specific collection, so this is a test to create absolute, bona fide pangrams! 

Here are a few resources for your pangram journey:

Lists of existing pangrams

An awesome app for determining letter count and repetition

Please submit all zany pangrams to my Twitter. Deadline for entries is near mid April, when the blocks are cut down and ready for print. Best of luck, and happy pangram-mental March!